There are three Modules of our system that can be modified and adjusted to your customer’s needs.

Shelves     |     Hang Bars     |     Vertical Post


Our Shelves can be adjusted in width only. To start you must remove one of the aluminum sides by unscrewing the 3 nuts using the Allen key provided on the shelf’s box.

Then Place the shelf on a table saw and adjust it to desired width.

Then gently remove the aluminum side

Once you are done cutting, place the aluminum side back again and secure it using 3 Phillips screws.

Your adjusted shelf is ready to assemble.

hang bars

To adjust our hang bars simply use a radial saw to adjust it to desired width.

vertical post

Our vertical post can be adjusted in height only. Start by removing the bracket that is on the bottom of the post. Use the provided Allen key to unscrew the 4 nuts on the bracket.

Once you are done. Insert the bracket back on the post and secure it using the provided Allen key.

Measure desired height and then cut the post using a radial saw.








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